The Last Synn POD Print

By James Austin McCormick

A mysterious Lupine race, the Krall, descend on Avlan, destroying the historical peace between two kingdoms. Only one force stands in their way, the Synn warriors. Tashir is the last to fall, dying beneath the sword of the Krall prince himself.

Yet death fails to claim the young warrior. He wakes in a far off land, thousands of miles across the sea, an undead filled with a dark magic which grants him inhuman powers.

With no recollection of what happened or the fate of his people, his thoughts return to his homeland.

The odyssey back sees him battling demons, vampyres, elementals, sorcerers and ghouls.

As he finally confronts the Krall Prince he realises they have all been victims, merely pawns of malign and otherworldly powers. Tashir, the last Synn, must now prepare for his greatest battle of all, one with an ancient god itself.

Genre: Fantasy (Sword and Sorcery)

Sensuality rating: 0

Cover Art by Bev Haynes

This book is available in the following formats:
PDF / ePUB / MobiPocket / POD print

Chapter 1

The Last Synn

 “You fought well, boy,” the Krall Prince said in his harsh inhuman tones. “But it’s over now.” Triumph shone in the dark, lupine eyes as he waved a clawed hand across the blood-drenched field and the litter of bodies. “You’re the only Synn warrior left. The guardians of Ishka are no more.”

Tashir, a lean muscled warrior not much past his twentieth year, glanced over his fallen comrades. “A Synn never surrenders,” he spat as the Krall soldiers formed a circle around him.

“Surrender?” the wolf lord mocked, baring long, daggered teeth. “It is not your destiny to surrender.” He stepped forward, his great sword raised. “It is to die, as ours is to crush your kingdom into dust and rule this realm.”

The Synn warrior, long hair blowing across his lean face, eyed his enemy with hatred. He had no idea where this strange wolfin race came from or why they’d suddenly descended on his lands but if he was to die then he would do it bravely, with honor to his fallen brethren.

The Krall lord swung his blade but Tashir jumped back, blocking the blow. The Krall nodded. “Impressive. You fight well for a human.” He stepped forward, but instead of making another lunge with his weapon, he struck the warrior across the face with the back of his hand. The blow sent its recipient to the ground, blood pouring from his mouth. “Yet as you see, that is not enough.”

The youth spat out a globule of blood and tried to rise to his feet.

The Prince sent him crashing down again with a kick of his boot. Tashir felt his ribs splinter. The Krall stepped over him, sword raised. “May your soul find peace, young one, and those of your comrades.” The warrior saw there was actually compassion in his enemy’s dark, animal eyes. Then the sword came down, piercing his chest and driving through his body with such force it sank into the earth below. Then there was only darkness.

The wolf lord watched the warrior’s eyes flicker and then close. He turned to his army. “The Synn are no more. The children of Krallus now rule Avlan.” Cries of triumph rang out across the field as his words carried from soldier to soldier. The look in the Prince’s eyes, however, was more subdued. Something about the situation felt wrong, yet he was at a loss to define what it was. “It is our destiny,” Talus told himself.

~ * ~

     Tashir’s eyes snapped open. He was alive. After some moments he sat up, tentatively, expecting the agony of shattered ribs and torn flesh. Yet there was nothing. He inspected his tunic. The leather was torn where the Krall’s sword pierced him and there was blood too. There was, however, no trace of a wound or any mark on his body that he could see.

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