Arresting Desire ePUB

By Stacey Watts

As a big city police officer, Eleanor Davis has seen her fair share of crime, corruption and back-room dealings. Nothing, however, could prepare her for the day she came home to investigate the brutal homicide of her father in the line of duty. Davis begins a journey to uncover some of the town’s darkest secrets—secrets that threaten to destroy her memory of all that was good in Chapleton.

A high school flame arouses her passions, but he is somehow involved in the drama that seems to surround her family and some of the top levels of the local Police Department. A need to protect and a desire for passion soon drive her to the brink of destruction in Arresting Desire.

Romantic Suspense

Sensuality rating: 2

Cover Art by Blaise Kilgallen


Cover of Arresting Desire by Stacey Watts
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Author: Stacey Watts

Chapter 1

Glittery streams of moonlight shimmered in the Bravely River. It was the one and only river that ran through the town of Chapleton. The lights on the squad car flooded the warehouse district with a red and blue color. Ellie stood in utter disgust of the body lying in the pool of blood just mere inches from her.

When she’d moved back to her hometown after her father was callously murdered, she vowed to uncover the truth. Chapleton held some deep secrets. Here in the warehouse district alone in the last year there had been four more murders. She knew with each homicide they were all intertwined. Working tirelessly she tried to connect the dots.

Of course, all Ellie had to go on were rumors and speculation on what was going on in town. Rumor had it that Salvatore Cartolano and his group of drug runners were involved, as usual. This murder had their signature all over it. She looked around the scene to see if anything was out of place to suggest otherwise, but it was definitely their trademark.

Jotting down some of the most apparent details, she exhaled deeply when she heard the clicking of Chief Ray’s expensive rattlesnake boots on the pavement. It was a sound she’d recently become quite accustomed to, as he insisted being there for every murder investigation lately.

“Ellie, what do you have for me?” he asked gruffly, as he tilted a black cowboy hat back on his head.

“It looks to be a homicide. Male, early thirties, nine millimeter shot to the temple,” she answered solemnly. Ray looked over the body and placed the coroner’s sheet over the victim. He turned to Ellie shaking his head with a scowl.

“You and Denny are on this one. I’m going back to the station. Report to me when you’re finished here.” Turning silently, he began walking back to his pickup truck without another word.

“Well, that was quick. He didn’t stick around very long, did he?” Ellie raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“There was no press here. You know how Chief Ray loves to be in front of the cameras these days. A regular ham, that one.” Denny gave a mischievous grin making the wrinkles around his eyes dance.

“Denny, let’s bag this evidence. Thanks to my meddling mother, I have to go home soon. I have big plans tomorrow.” Ellie sulked in defeat.

“Yeah, I heard, princess. I will be on the front lines cheering you on.” He chuckled with amusement as he busied himself collecting the nearby evidence. When they completed the investigation for the evening, she headed home for the night. She would need a lot of strength for tomorrow, and wished she could just get it over with, putting the nightmare behind her.


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