Love Is Silent POD Print

By Icy Snow Blackstone

When Anna Leighton, a teacher of the deaf, is sent to Mayfield Manor to instruct Lady Eleanor Woods’ younger brother in sign language, she discovers her new pupil isn’t a child as she supposed but an adult.
David Woods, twenty-seventh Baron Mayfield, has been deaf since the age of five. Now he’s fast approaching his majority and a competency hearing a greedy cousin has filed in an attempt to get his inheritance. If Anna can teach David to communicate, it will prove him mentally capable but she first has to break through fifteen years of mental barriers. In the process, a quick-witted young man is revealed, eager to embrace the world Anna opens to him…

Unfortunately, David has his own ideas about that world, and they involved Anna in a very intimate way. He falls in love with his teacher and though Anna fights the feelings, she finds herself returning David’s affection.
Is she betraying the trust of a naïve student placed in her care, or is David more knowledgeable than even his sister suspects?

Genre: Regency Romance

Sensuality rating: 2.5

Cover Art by James Robinson

This book is available in the following formats:
PDF / ePUB / MobiPocket / POD print

Chapter 1


…As soon as the Right Honorable Lady Eleanor Woods notified me of her desire to have one of the teachers from McAdam Academy for the Deaf instruct her younger brother in signing, I thought of you, my dear Anna. You’ve had so much success with youngsters, I felt you’d be the better choice for this position. Granted the twenty-seventh Baron Mayfield is very low in the peerage strata but his position notwithstanding he is nobility, and to successfully instruct a lord will truly be a feather in our collective cap. In expectation of your accepting the position, I have replied to Lady Eleanor’s letter by recommending you. I am enclosing the railway ticket which Her Ladyship sent along with her correspondence. You will arrive at Mayfield Village on 12 May, and from there…

“You’ve had so much success with youngsters…” Anna Leighton reread that line, then folded the letter and returned it to her reticule.

She had indeed been successful with children who’d lost their hearing and, in a good many cases, also their ability to speak.

~ * ~

When Anna’s younger sister was fourteen, she was stricken with a bout of red measles rendering her deaf. Although Maisie retained the ability to speak, being cut off from everything at an age when the world should be opening up to her caused the child to become severely withdrawn. As a physician, Maisie’s father had heard of the McAdam Academy for the Deaf in London and knew the school offered a way for his daughter to reconnect with her family.Being a doctor choosing to treat the inhabitants of the small farming community of Little Riversreach instead of a higher class of citizen as did his Harley Street associates, he was unable to afford the tuition and fees the school required, because earlier that year he’d finished paying the tuition enabling his older daughter to graduate from the Dinsmore Normal School in preparation for being a secondary studies teacher,

Anna’s education prevented her younger sister from getting the instruction she required.

As luck would have it, there was an opening at the Academy for an assistant instructor. In order to help Maisie, perhaps in atonement for taking away funds her sibling required, eighteen-year-old Anna applied for the position, and was accepted.She proved herself an apt and quick pupil, becoming a favorite with teachers and students alike. Within two years, Rupert McAdam, founder of the school, certified her as a teacher, assigning her to the instruction of eight to ten-year-olds.

    The first thing Anna did when she returned home for holidays after her first semester at the school, was to begin teaching Maisie to sign and bring her sister out of the shell of silence in which she was trapped. When she returned to McAdam Academy to begin the second term, Maisie was on her way to communicating again.


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