Bargain With Lucifer ePUB

By Icy Snow Blackstone

A five million dollar Trust awaits Luc Deveraux on his thirtieth birthday. All he has to be is a settled family man by then. So he told a little lie...and made up a wife and child and thought he'd found an easy way out. Now his grandtather is ill and asking his grandson to bring his family home. A chance meeting with penniless widow Julie Richmond ends in a quick marriage which will finish in an ever quicker divorce once Luc gets his money. The only problem? Luc's falling in love with his pseudo-wife and wants to keep her and her daughter in his life.

When Luc returns to his grandfather's Louisiana plantation, he doesn't expect Julie to be the catalyst bringing hidden hatred and desires into the open and subjecting them all to danger. Waiting for them at San Souci is the younger brother with whom Luc's been feuding for eighteen years and the one woman he's never been able to get out of his life. Clarice is a jilted girlfriend determined to win Luc back though she's now married to his brother, and she isn't going to let a little thing like a wife and child stop her from getting what she wants.

Contemporary Romance

Sensuality rating: 2

Cover Art by Bev Haynes


Cover of Bargain With Lucifer by Icy Snow Blackstone
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Chapter 1

Dallas in February is like any other big Southern city in winter—wet, windy, and cold—but not as cold as Montreal, where Luc Deveraux had been for the past six months and which he was now glad to abandon for the relative warmth of the bustling Texas city.

He'd only been in town one day, however, when he received the emergency call from his grandfather asking him to come home to Bayou Chaveau.

The old man had suffered another heart attack and with this sudden reminder of his mortality, wanted his errant grandson back home for an extended visit, along with his wife and child, and therein lay the problem, because Luc Deveraux had no wife and as far as he knew, no children either.

Oui, he'd lied. Lord, how he'd lied to the old man! It still astounded him that Gran'pere believed him. He was shocked even more that he'd been able to carry the deception for so long. Even knowing one day, he'd have to face up to the falsehoods he was telling, he hadn't hesitated.

Not once since the day he'd learned of the stipulations in his father's will and made the decision to dupe his grandfather into believing that—just as Papa wanted— his eldest son was now a settled family man, had he felt the least twinge of conscience, nor had he allowed himself to consider the eventual consequences. With supreme confidence, he put off thinking about it at all, believing that when the time came, a plausible excuse would present itself. After all, he always managed to tell the most credible lies and come up smelling like a rose.


But not this time. Now, Fate was calling his bluff, and so far, an answer eluded him. No light bulb suddenly switched on above his head with a solution printed around it.

His usual self-assurance bolted in fright and Luc was in a panic, which was why, on this particular February morning—after an exhaustingly sleepless night—he found himself driving aimlessly through a section of town where he ordinarily wouldn't have thought about being.

Reaching past the open overcoat into the breast pocket of his suit jacket, he pulled out a cigarette pack, found it empty, and crumpled it into a wad of cellophane and paper, tossing it out the Jag's window.

Okay, I'm a litterbug, as well as a liar! So sue me!

Gran'pere would do more than sue him when he found out how he'd been hoodwinked. He'd be disinherited.

It was over. The End. Finis. Au 'voir, Charlie—or rather, Luc.

There was a 7-Eleven on the corner and a parking spot in front. He guided the Jag into the space, pulled the keys out of the ignition, and wondered if the car would be there when he came out or if he'd find it stripped.

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